Audi’s insane power!

Author : cmunroe

I would be considered the world’s greatest idler if I revealed how much time I spend sailing across the limitless ocean known as the internet. Secrets are best kept to oneself and this one will remain with me!

But and there is always a massive but. The gems I discover when I commence some of my aimless (internet) journeys compensate for anything lost during my expeditions. Youtube is my dear friend and thanks to my friend, that which I cannot achieve can be experienced vicariously. And if I deem it worthy, I will share what my friend has made available.

This after Christmas blog is titled –  Audi’s insane power. This title is only the tip of the Titanic-claiming iceberg! I have seen a lot, but I cannot recall seeing much of what you are about to see, from the perspective that is evident here.

I will reserve my complete opinion on the driver’s ability for now. Prepare yourself, watch when you are not inebriated and tell me honestly what your thought process was, as you watched and after you watched (click below).

Audi’s insane power!

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