Audi’s insane power!

I would be considered the world’s greatest idler if I revealed how much time I spend sailing across the limitless ocean known as the internet. Secrets are best kept to oneself and this one will remain with me!

But and there is always a massive but. The gems I discover when I commence some of my aimless (internet) journeys compensate for anything lost during my expeditions. Youtube is my dear friend and thanks to my friend, that which I cannot achieve can be experienced vicariously. And if I deem it worthy, I will share what my friend has made available.

This after Christmas blog is titled –  Audi’s insane power. This title is only the tip of the Titanic-claiming iceberg! I have seen a lot, but I cannot recall seeing much of what you are about to see, from the perspective that is evident here.

I will reserve my complete opinion on the driver’s ability for now. Prepare yourself, watch when you are not inebriated and tell me honestly what your thought process was, as you watched and after you watched (click below).

Audi’s insane power!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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4 Responses to “Audi’s insane power!”

  1. TrevDiMan says:

    The driver in this video can’t drive the car to save his life. Where did they get this person from. If he can’t drive a car with its engine in the front I wonder if he could ever drive a Porsche 911? Thank God someone was not stupid enough to ask this fool to test-drive a Bugatti Veyron because I shudder to think what he would do with a car with over 1000+ hp.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Much respect TrevDiMan and I appreciate the comment. I understand why you have expressed the view you have chosen and to be fair you have enough evidence to substantiate your claim! But and as I always say, there is a but. Watch the video and pay careful attention to the occasions when the car is pointing in the opposite direction (facing the wrong way) entering a corner and then observe what happens next!

    The driver is obviously not the best there is but he did some rather miraculous things! He was taking advantage of the machines all wheel drive capabilities and using it for stunning use!Watch again.

  3. TrevDiMan says:

    cmunroe, in the sense that the driver in this video managed to keep the Audi on the asphalt (mostly), I’ll give him some props for that and anytime anyone can modify a small displacement engine to get gobs of hp and torque (in this case almost 350hp/ltr), that’s something to appreciate. Once upon a time, modifying an engine and getting 100hp/ltr as a result was something to get excited about. Today, that’s so pedestrian one don’t even bat an eyelash about it.

  4. cmunroe says:

    I hear you TrevDiman and in an uncanny way, this driver will have possibly an equal proportion of fans and detractors! My focus, however, relates to what some refer to as a backwards entry drift which was all the craze in drifting quite recently, admittedly, using rear wheel drive machines.

    I am not suggesting that this driver is of D1 or Formula D calibre, possibly he is – I did not do the research or watch enough of his videos. But 2 things are clear : 1. he manhandled the machine in a brutal manner and 2. the Audi refrained from protesting! Instead it shone through the abuse and rescued its pilot repeatedly from immediate embarrassment . My props go first to the machine!

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