Merry Christmas motor-heads! (2 classic videos)

Author : cmunroe

Christmas is not necessarily my favorite time of the year because on the international stage and even here at home the motorsports dial is rolled back and not much happens. North America and Europe select winter gear at this time and as such the various motorsports seasons are scheduled to accomodate snow showers!

Christmas, however, is also time for family, friends, loved ones and more importantly, food, glorious food! Yes, at this time of year you can walk with your ‘long belly’ from office to office, home to home and cram your stomach to your hearts desire!

Food, despite its scarcity during the year, when we complain that ‘we bruck an no ave no money’, is in abundance. So I usually advise – eat like there is no tomorrow – because when tomorrow comes (the new year), chances are we can’t buy what we would really want!

So for you and yours – Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for being a part of this our motorsports family!

But wait, there is more. It would be classified as treason if I did not deliver at least one gift to my loyal bloggers. Here are 2 refreshing videos. The first gives a relaxed feeling as drivers, fans and friends derive true enjoyment from an activity in its purest form Р away from competition. The second video I will allow you to decide. Some of the fellows in the video, I am certain, sold their cojones long ago. Tell me what you think. Happy holidays!

Friends at play!

Redline Hillclimb!

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