The greatest show on earth -Isle of Man (video)

Author : cmunroe

If you are a ‘regular’ to these pages, you should be fully aware of the fact that I am a huge MotoGP fan. For that I am proud, but there are times when I get lost in the MotoGP mayhem and ignore everything else that happens in the rather exciting world of sportbikes.

There are men and then there is another group that I will refer to as ‘real men’. In this bracket there are men who exist without concern for tomorrow. For these men caution is not only thrown to the wind, it is propelled at Mach a zillion, blasting through a yet to be discovered vacuum in space, at speeds we do not have the capacity to record accurately! Think I have displaced my marbles? I would have a very difficult time accepting the argument that caution is still an active participant in the lives of these honorable gentlemen that you are about to see. Adjust your volume -  you will either enjoy the experience or be scared silly!

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Isle of Man

Do you think you are man enough to ride one of those machines?

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