Stewart’s Auto Sales’ 4×4 Off-Road Challenge – Part 2

Author : cmunroe

Can you believe that one entire week has elapsed since Stewart’s Auto Sales’ Off-Road Challenge? I cant! My first blog on the Off-Road Challenge was an introduction. How did the machines perform? On a course which had multiple surfaces – a water course (a flooded section), a sand course, a hill-climb with a massive pothole and a river bed – the fleet of vehicles were harassed without mercy! While discussing the course with Camille, we both concluded that it was somewhat representative of the typical Jamaican roadway, especially after heavy rain! Waltham Park and Hagley Park roads come to mind.

So look at what your value for money, family transporter is actually capable of -

Suzuki sees water, but Suzuki no shy (in Chinese voice)- no – Suzuki dives in!

Remember the Mitsubishi ASX and the Suzuki Grand Vitara? They had a Grand time!

The Minister passed through and he could not mask his interest!

‘Teach’ and company were trying to convince the Minister that he should go for a ride in the ‘Boss’ – the Mitsubishi Pajero. But when he saw¬† -


and this

there was absolutely no way he (the Minister) would risk his portfolio! He opted for the vicarious experience! Who said the Minister is a chicken?

‘Teach’ was all smiles, proud of the performance of the machines!

I will be the first to tell you that you are never too old to learn and I will admit that I am now, thanks to the exposure Stewart’s Auto Sales provided, looking at the Pajero, Grand Vitara, Asx and company, with a new level of respect! Machines!

Thanks Camille!

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