Circuit Racing: Hot Laps at Jamwest (video)

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As stated in the previous blog, this week belongs to all things Jamwest related. It is my view, that if we love our sport, it is our responsibility to ensure that we play our part in its promotion, growth and advancement. Fortunately, we have been blessed and we have benefited from individuals who are (or were) not only passionate about the sport but also willing to invest (in motorsports).

Alfred Chen

Each time I visit our little circuit racing Mecca – Dover Raceway – my gratitude to Alfred Chen multiplies by an infinite amount. Thank you sir!

In recent times, other motorsport facilities have emerged across the island but none with the ‘swag’ of Jamwest Speedway in Little London, Westmoreland. At first, it was a venue dedicated to drag racing but that was not enough. As such, a circuit racing track was conceptualized and built. This ‘new’ circuit will be put to the test this weekend.

I have not met the gentleman who is responsible for the facility at Jamwest Speedway, but I will thank him here and now and again when I speak to him. Thank you sir!

In saying all of that, I will now ask this question – What is on the agenda for this weekend? Yes, you guessed correctly – Circuit Attack at Jamwest Speedway. A, based on reports, very fast, challenging and enigmatic track awaits the competitors who will abuse ‘gas’ pedals while secretly begging for excellent brakes! It should be fun! Will you be there?

For those who are not yet up to speed regarding what now exists at Jamwest, you are in luck. A video is now being circulated which gives you a ‘feel’ of the circuit. Watch the video and tell me what you think about the track (click below).

Hot laps at Jamwest

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