Dexterity: Jamar Kinkead and Cutta Hype in action (video).

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Last weekend I got a call from a bredrin in Montego Bay. He was asking about parts for an AE86. Apparently, a friend of his, who has an AE86, was in the preparation process for an event, that was scheduled for Sunday, in Mobay. Mobay is a little Mecca for rear wheel drive machines and it is home to numerous highly-skilled ‘brand name’ drivers – Richie Rerrie, Strattie King, Fletty Barnes, Chippie Addison, the Gore clan -Doug,Matthew and Patrick, Maurice Whittingham and the list continues.

Jamaicans are notorious for achieving excellence at whatever they attempt. We still do not engage in drifting in its pure sense as it exists in Japan, but what we display at the Dexterity events – Wet and Slide, etc. surely places a few of these drivers on the ‘super- talented’ list. I read in the Observer that ‘Cutta Hype’ slid away with the top prize at the event in Mobay over the weekend. I have seen him in action and he can definitely hurl that machine and recover it in ridiculous ways. Jamar Kinkead is not too far behind though and if you see both of them in action you will appreciate the skill-sets they have.

Maurice ‘Wurl Boss’ Whittingham, in my view, was always on a ‘different’ level and considering that his machine is naturally aspirated and he can toss it effortlessly and compete with the supercharged and turbocharged machines, which require less right foot to keep them rotating, for mastery of the fine art, Maurice scores top points!

But, this is not about Maurice, this is about the emerging forces – Cutta Hype and Jamar Kinkead. I saw them in Portmore last year (Maurice was at the event also) – this is what I saw

Jamar in action!

‘Cutta Hype’ in action!

Wherever they compete, I assure you, you will be entertained!

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