Circuit Racing: Dover is on fire! (CMRC Round 1)

Christopher ‘Teach’ McFarlane, has one of those personalities which kicks you with forceful alacrity to one of either ends of the social scale – you either hate him or you …. him (in homophobic Jamaica insert the opposite of hate on the dotted line). Despite having the best intentions, he has been busy making harmless enemies in the circuit racing arena, but and this but is gargantuan – he is on the job and his commitment to the task cannot be questioned.

I spoke to him shortly after he became JRDC President and he conveyed at the time that his brand of motorsports will see a complete entertainment package, a more fulfilling experience for the paying patron. He is also willing to support his ‘bag a mouth’ with action – I have seen him at the track at rather odd hours completing race day preparation tasks. I was not convinced however, when I saw him at Jamwest early one morning in March, putting a Mitsubishi Pajero through several laps of fear-inducing, hostage-extraction procedures, that he was, “checking the consistency of the track” but as I said, he is on the job!

Success is like a double edged sword, it is difficult to avoid being hacked. Success, once you have achieved it, to preserve what you have gained, you have to maintain it or exceed what you have accomplished thus far. That is the difficult part!

April’s Carnival of Speed, at Dover (April 1), was a resounding success. Ask Mr. Rise to the Occasion – Sizzla Kalonji – he will tell you. His inclusion in the program was a stroke of genius. The fans had the best of several worlds and high spirits were maintained throughout. Excellent job JRDC!

But that was then, this is now. How do we maintain the success achieved then? That’s easy! Seek assistance from other territories within the region! As fate would have it, the first round of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC), for some time now, has occupied the Race 2 slot on the calendar. So after the partying in April, the serious business of defending our nation’s honour begins!

I spoke to Chris yesterday and he confirmed that the drivers charged with representing the black, green and gold, (in Group 4) include many times champion (and also reigning champion), David ‘King’ Summerbell Jr, Peter ‘Zoom Zoom’ Rae, Chris Campbell, George Bailey and the often misunderstood, but well-loved, Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore (who has also won the CMRC).

According to ‘Teach’, there are 11 machines here with foreign nameplates – Barbados, Guyana and Cayman. So let the games begin!

The CMRC is known for producing unmatched levels of competition and rivalry and the machines that show up for battle are usually meticulously prepared and immaculately presented. The addition of Doug Gore to the list aboard the impressive, ATL Racing DTM Audi TT-R, is a plus for the Reggae Racers and motorsports in the region.

The machines are already here. All things being equal they will hit the track and begin preparations by early next week. The local contingent has begun pre-race activities already. The ‘King’ is taking no chances this time – April was not kind to TA1!

Are you an astute fan of the sport? Dover will be on fire when the CMRC machines roll out next weekend – May 25th and 26th! Do you want to miss that? I dont!

What are you expecting from the Reggae Racers at Dover next weekend?

Nb. Info on Group 2 members will be added.

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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17 Responses to “Circuit Racing: Dover is on fire! (CMRC Round 1)”

  1. BK NY says:

    You are correct that he is not a liked person due to his bigger than the sport approach.

  2. Promote, promote, promote. Sponsors respond to customers. A larger and increasing customer base is key here. A customer base beyond the shores of Jamaica and the Caribbean is essential to the current success and the future of the sport. Dover has to be made more interesting as a circuit to the motor racing world of drivers and spectators alike. Again promote, promote, promote, like hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dane says:

    With David, Doug, Bossy, Zoom Zoom and the pastor repping team Jamaica ! Total dominance (no pun intended) is expected.

  4. cmunroe says:

    BK NY, who are you talking about – ” he is not a liked person”. Then tell me what you mean by – “his bigger than the sport approach”.

  5. cmunroe says:

    Dane, remember this trip is Team Jamaica or Reggae Racers. Who is the Pastor? So, we have to ‘big up’ all the members of the Reggae Racers and all of their sponsors. What do you think about Doug’s inclusion in the team?

  6. Cecil,
    the reference is on the videos of the meet. He was on stage performing and on the track performing his own private demonstration to the public. Come on if he wanted to perform he should have had his sponsors endorse a car comparable to the Audi from ATL that would have made the track meet that much more exciting. Advertising is essential to Sales.
    Even an announcement to that effect would have made some difference in anticipation – something more to look forward to.

  7. Dane says:

    Pastor = George Bayley. While I have no issue with his inclusion I would have preferred if the rule amendment necessary for his inclusion was done earlier. Arguable topic but lets go with the flow.

  8. BK NY says:

    Hail Cecil, I was referring to the JRDC “Pressi”, Chris McFarlane (same kind of attitude as the other “Pressi”). The young energy is great for the sport, but when one is “telling” a veteran driver, a motorsports enthusiast, who has invested years of his life, sometimes at the expense of his family and millions of dollars into the sport, what to do, it is not going to sit well with any grown man.

    Also, bear in mind that over 99 percent of racers are owners of profitable businesses/organizations who are not used to being “told” what to do. We have been asked by all the past presidents for our input as it was the drivers money that progressed racing in JA.

    Just my thought on the Dictator style leader we have now.

  9. cmunroe says:

    Douglas, I will keep my comment for now.

  10. cmunroe says:

    Dane, I understand the Pastor reference now. And now that I think about it he always has something written on the machine with Christian leanings! Re- Doug’s inclusion, Jamaicans will obviously embrace his membership in the team, but a large number of persons will also share your view. The debate will continue.

  11. cmunroe says:

    BK NY I understand where you are now. A lot is being said in various quarters, as it relates to the issue you raised. There is no doubt in my mind though that he means well but based on what I am hearing from individuals who are placed both highly and lowly in the sport’s food chain, if (and this is a big if) what they are stating is accurate he may need to do a little introspection if he intends to fill his mandate. How do you propose that the situation involving the Pressi can be resolved?

  12. Cecil,
    What the sport needs is professional promotion. Someone from the leadership of The Media Association of Jamaica should be seconded to do so. Unless this sport is going to be promoted for the hard currency potential to be realized the tail is going to continue to wag the dog. In fact all Jamaica has to be promoted for the hard currency potential. So any area that has as much potential as this in only overlooked because of the ignorance of those in charge. Simply because they do not understand what they are in charge of. So the potential for development slips further and further away every day. Hearing thing like hold up on the wharf for the cars for the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship? The list goes on and on.

  13. BK NY says:

    Hail Cecil,

    “a slice of humble pie” may help the current presi.
    It would seem he is heading in the direction of the Dover version of ATI/Sumfest..with the patrons in mind…not a bad idea I must say as the current drivers and attendees are a younger more lively bunch and all our past presidents were(in the kindest way) in bed after the evening news…lol

    Jamaicans are a hard bunch to manage, more so the affluent ones. we are very argumentative and tend to stick to our guns regardless of wrong or right.
    The president in my opinion wants to be at the epicenter of it all (he would like to participate in every event if he could)and take the shine from the rest of the “team”, and this is the root of the problem. He has always wanted to be in that core of individuals that have elevated to the top in the sport of driving/racing, but to be plain bluntly he doesn’t have it.

  14. BK NY says:

    Racing in Jamaica was big business. We had major sponsorship for events like Stages Rally, Red Strip 1000 with multiple International drivers such as Alistair Mcrae (colins brother), David Llewelin, our own Peter Moodie, David Issaa, Stratty King, Raino King,just to name a few.
    The Pantons/Corporate sponsor (UNI Motors) took the sport very seriously at one point with the Mazda 323 all wheel drive turbo being the car to have back then. Did the sponsors get value for the money invested? probable not.
    that is the problem with motor sports fraternity in the Caribbean. Lack of Coverage and visibility which all sponsors crave.
    if the post races are not posted on the internet/youtube we are clueless as to what happened. praises will continue to go out to University of Northern Caribbean as it has taken the great leap of faith to Produce great coverage (NCU coverage is pretty good) of races at Dover.
    Douglas mentioned that the leaders “do not understand what they are in charge of” so how can they move forward if they “noeth what they haveth”

  15. Dane says:

    Hey DouglasBGooden, hold up at the wharf I heard was due to the IMF visit. Key persons to sign off on the docs had to be in that IMF meeting. If you ask me that’s no fault of the people responsible for promoting the race meet. The politics in our country is bigger than motor sport. Are you Jamaican ?

  16. cmunroe says:

    BK NY, the fact that the new Pressi ran unopposed says something about him. Personaly, I am of the view that a lot of individuals were simply not willing to bear the burden they know comes with the post. The fact that he made himself available, is a plus in my book.

    Like all of us, he has his shortcomings,but based on what unfolded at the first race meet and what is also on the cards for the CMRC, the JRDC, led by the gentleman, is leading the bout by more than a few points! I am willing to overlook his obvious shortcomings if he can deliver like Sizzla did on raceday at Dover April 1!

    Honestly though, I want him to do a good job and I hope he does not allow his massive ego to overshadow what he intends to achieve.

  17. The sport needs a professional approach. This is where Jamaica is to benefit. It is not necessary to highlight perceived contradictions where there should be synergies. It is how do we get the biggest bang for the buck here? The rank amateur efforts of the past are commendable and should be the platform for what the current set of circumstances need a substantial professional approach. How could it be that Red Bull sought out Jamaica to showcase their formula one package and to let that fade. Jamaica needs formula one more than formula one needs Jamaica. Red Bull needs a clear path to their customer base and that needs to be facilitated and courted. It is the orchestration of that type of effort that will clearly have the proper perspectives for the motor racing world that clearly Jamaica is now on the sidelines of and now need to be in the mainstream consideration for the future especially with this sport. Plan, plan, plan; promote, promote, promote; execute, execute, execute, repackage and start all over again.
    The sport in Jamaica has to integrate itself with the rest of the world out there for its continuing survival as an outlet for the overwhelming talent pool that exist.
    This is for the new “presi” -over and out.

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