Skunk Nation’s slide show in Mobay!

Skunk Nation is definitely making their presence felt, traversing the island and redefining the import scene. Their most recent effort had us invading the second city, to experience what was labelled – Slide Life, Skunk Nation Drift Tuner Night.

And what a night it was! I have a new appreciation for the second city – blame it on the adorable tropical delights that were evenly distributed everywhere we went at the venue – ATL Automotive Bogues Plaza (in Mobay). But my prime focus, as always, even though I was willingly distracted by ‘a trailer load a beauty’ was the machines!

Chappy P’s machine drove away with honors!

DC5 R motor in an EK9! Awesome!

I am actually showing you the spare tyre – No ‘donut’ to the Honda man dem ting!

The event was well supported.

Bearing in mind that we were at ATL’s Mobay home, it was only fitting that a ‘sick’ Audi was in the building.

Another treat for the Honda-heads.

The car show occupied one side of the venue and on the other side there were these beasts!

Plus these and more.

Cutter Hype – the pilot of this slide machine – is several km ahead of the chasing pack. Im slide-attack ‘no normal’!

Waiting to join the festivities.

Jamar and Cutter demonstrated how new sports cars should be driven (the new AE86 and Subaru’s version of the same machine). They did it like a well- choreographed stunt scene from a Hollywood epic. It was a scintillating display. The dealers – Toyota and KIG (Subaru) should be commended for the confidence they invested in their ability to mercilessly hurl the pristine machines around frightened cones.

Jamar set the place ablaze – literally – he was having too much fun and his machine protested, vigorously! A fire which was quickly extinguished pulled the curtains on his performance.

Senior Skunk agent machine – Big Up!

As the thugs would say – ‘it was a good look’!

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    Welcome Koolkid. We share the same view. Which do you prefer though? The show cars or the drift cars?

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