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I was navigating through information on one of my favorite websites – speedhunters.com – and I could not help but notice that there was a story ‘bigging up’ Ford for the ‘cool’ machines it was responsible for releasing to petrol-heads in recent time. The trend will not cease in 2016. I have mentioned, in the past that I appreciate what the muscle-car wars have produced. My devoted Japanese-car-loving  friends might not approve, but like all great men, we have to, at times, be bold (or stupid) enough to wave a – I have a different opinion – flag!

Here is your challenge. Jump on an aeroplane (imaginary) and leave Japan for twenty minutes. Free your mind of all the machines which have dna strands embedded in Asian soil. Imagine that you are preparing to participate in a track-day event at a venue that you have dreamt about all your audacious life. Your now-living-in-America cousin found it necessary to command his cellphone to call you. The conversation includes the following – “I know what we spoke about, but, I honestly think that this machine will deliver what you seek. Watch the video I sent and tell me if you are interested”.


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