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Snowzilla has left the Big Apple, but its populace, I am certain, is still reflecting on the snowflake-imposed house arrest which residents were subjected to. Surreal.

The other apple, Apple, remains the world’s most valuable company. In its fourth quarter, 74.83 million smartphones were sold to chatterboxes and social media junkies worldwide. Chi-ching, chi-ching – the cash register sang and danced!

I want a similar outcome for the, at present, non-existent cash register which the JRDC has hidden since a miscalculating seed, bore a barren, bankrupt fruit a few years ago. The club, despite reeling from the impact of what some would say was a reckless ‘hurricane’, made a reasonable attempt at sparking a revival of sorts and the general hope was that prosperity was at hand.

There was a visible light at the end of the tunnel. Did the power company pull the plug? Hope is comforting, but not even the low-cost  transport provider Uber, can carry it to the bank and it will not allow competitors to collect a much-deserved stipend for their effort.

I will state that I do not envy those whose task it is to organise and execute events at Dover Raceway or Jamwest Speedway, but, I am not convinced that enough is being done to reinvigorate the sport.

It is not difficult to recognize success and when seen, it must be applauded. What the NDRC has brought to Drag Racing, I have said before, is a tutorial which should be conducted from any available lecture theatre. Circumstances alter cases, I agree, but creativity can sidestep the inherent differences of any scenario. Leave the box and think!

Today, I was contacted by my overseas colleagues who are busy preparing machines to wrestle the elements at Dover Raceway and I am certain that local circuit racers’ zeal to compete at a track which is as intimidating as it is exciting, has not waned, but, for myriad reasons (which I am aware of), some individuals are reluctant to join or return to the grid.

Conversations I have had with competitors and conversations I have overheard, suggest avenues which may be traversed to access the way forward. Occasionally, we all need to extract the ego-element at the doorway and listen to the insignificant voices.

I read the 2016 calendar of events for both Drag Racing and Circuit Racing and even though I fought my thoughts, I was forced to ask….


March 27-28 – JRDC Carnival of Speed, Dover Raceway, St. Ann.

May 22-23 – JRDC Labour Day Meet, Jamwest Speedway, Westmoreland.

Jul 31-Aug 1 – JRDC Emancipation of Speed, Jamwest Speedway, Westmoreland.

Oct 16-17 – JRDC Heroes of Speed, Dover Raceway, St Ann.


March 6 – NDRC Promo Tour – May Pen.

March 13 – NDRC Test & Tune #1 – Vernamfield.

March 20 – Drag Racing Challenge #1 – Vernamfield.

May 8 - NDRC Promo Tour – Portmore.

May 15 – NDRC Test & Tune #2 – Vernamfield.

May 29 – Drag Racing Challenge #2 – Vernamfield.

July 10 – NDRC ┬áPromo Tour – Mandeville.

July 17 – NDRC Test & Tune #3 – Vernamfield.

July 24 – Drag Racing Challenge #3 – Vernamfield.

October 9 – NDRC Promo Tour – Ocho Rios.

October 23 – NDRC Test & Tune #4 – Vernamfield.

October 30 – Drag Racing Challenge #4 – Vernamfield.

December 4 – NDRC Test & Tune #5 – Vernamfield.

December 11 – Drag Racing Challenge #5 – Vernamfield.

Is enough being done to return circuit racing to its former glory?

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