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I am not very good at masking my views about the direction in which circuit racing continues to plummet. My own personal experiences, which will laid bare in a series of blogs, will confirm that an eternal circuit racing fire resides within my cranium. And truth be told, I want only that which is beneficial for the sport.

But at times, tough choices with the expected repercussions must be made. Having said that, I sincerely hope that the newly installed President, Monique Gibbs, will deliver what has not been delivered in recent time. She has my support and my gratitude for being bold enough to grab the reins of this rambunctious beast – circuit racing!

There is always sunshine after the rain. And for 2016 the new interest in circuit racing is real and will manifest itself when machines from yonder North American shores invade the rural hills of St Ann. I told you that I was contacted and the information relating to these machines will flow like the Black River as soon as I have the opportunity to wrap my eyes around them and observe their test and preparation routine. But, for now, consider this machine.

1996 Honda Civic
Builder/Tuner: Brandon Scarlett – Twilight Performance
Driver: Sabrina (Hoyow) Scarlett – wife
K24 Motor – approximately 230 HP
Aftermarket Rods and Pistons
Stock Head
Stock 6 speed Transmission
K-Tuned Billet Shifter
Custom Exhaust Manifold
AEM Engine Management System
Buddyclub Suspension
Wilwood Front Brakes
GSR Rear Disc Brakes
The machine was built in Florida and is now present on the ‘rock’! What I have seen thus far you will also see in a bit!

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