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Here I was thinking that Abu Dhabi was somewhere in the Middle East. While driving through Jamrock’s capital city, my machine passed an apartment complex labelled – Abu Dhabi Suites! I was compelled to wonder about the nature of the opulent existence which was beyond the Walls of Jericho-high gate!

The year 2016 has received its marching orders and the green flag will unfurl in a matter of hours, signalling the beginning of yet another glorious year. We have a lot to be grateful for and whatever your religious persuasion (or none if that is the case) be thankful for your existence. And if you do nothing else, show love and help thy neighbour. The world is in dire straits where human relations are concerned and we need each other more than ever.

But, in motorsports, the message remains the same. We crave excitement. We beg for close racing. We expect brave, determined and ruthless champions. Never lift!

We got a mixed bag in 2016, but thrilling moments were not in short supply. We expect nothing less in 2017. As a matter of fact, we expect significant improvement in some quarters – Formula 1 and circuit racing at Dover Raceway are screaming at me!

For 2017, we wish you all the success that you can realistically achieve in the 300+ days! I would be insolent, delinquent even, if I did not leave you with images worthy of the adrenaline rush that motorsports deliver on a continuous basis. But, I will also break tradition.

A story unfolded in 2016 which speaks to the will to win and that which unites us as a people in difficult moments – emotions. You will understand when you watch it and chances are you might even be a bit teary eyed!

Much love everyone!

Motorsports 2016

Motorsports 2016 -2

Miracles still happen!

150 shot of joy!

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