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Hailings 2017! I usually have rather profound thoughts when I am separated from the keyboard. And they (the thoughts) have an uncanny tendency of migrating whenever I grab a seat and attempt to punch words to a screen. I will conceive a plan to ensure I arrest them next time they appear!

In my beautiful country, strange but true occurrences are not in short supply. I waltzed into one of our banks recently. I engaged the ATM and collected what the machine disbursed. I thought it prudent to get some ‘change’ for one of the notes I had.

So, I proceeded to the teller and asked the lovely lady for five one hundred dollar notes, in exchange for the five hundred dollar note I held in my hand. She politely informed me that a fee was attached to the service that I was requesting. I withdrew my five hundred dollar note and exited the bank with aplomb!


Enzo Ferrari, according to those who knew him, was not someone who you would associate with ordinary traits. He was forthright in his convictions and not easily swayed by the opinions of others. But, he was consumed with building race-winning machines. It could be argued that winning was his sole objective, everything else was just a number in a queue.

His machines were works of art wrapped in speed and it was an honor for mere mortals (drivers) to wrestle them to their predetermined residence – victory lane!

Drifting, as a form of motorsport was a nonexistent concept when The Great Old Man ruled from his Prancing Horse kingdom. Enzo’s thought process knew no box. Do you think that Enzo would approve of one of his machines being dissected to deliver this?


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