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Somewhere in the desert in Egypt, a farm is trapped in industrious mode, flowering in lettuce production! How do they do it? Homework! Knowledge has a productive habit, it has a tendency of rewriting the rules and introducing innovative ways of achieving stated goals.

Motorsport teams and drivers have one goal –  to win. That goal is stated in simple terms but monumental challenges may appear during the pursuit of victory. But, I will not muddy the water with complex pronouncements. Today we are working with the grassroots competitor.

In motorsports you will find several disciplines and a rather rapid machine will always assist your mission to ascend to P1. We will focus on machines for circuit racing and track-day specials (low budget).

Are you being restricted by a sloth-like sled? Do you seek McLaren-type pace and poise?

Adopt these tips and your experience will be upgraded significantly. But, before you engage the suggestions, encase, in an appropriate orifice, all that you thought you knew about improving a machines performance, because what I am about to share has always being there but foolishly ignored!

1. LEAVE THE ENGINE ALONE – Do not chase horses that you cannot afford! You do not need more horsepower.

2. WHEELS AND TYRES – Invest in a wider wheel and tyre package and purchase a stickier compound (dependent on your class rules).

3. IMPROVE YOUR BRAKES – A simple brakes-swap, from for example, a Honda Integra Type R, will slash time immensely.

4. IMPROVE YOUR SUSPENSION – Often overlooked and rarely understood, the suspension on your machine determines how it behaves on the track. Get the good stuff and watch your lap-time plummet.

5. EXPLORE AERODYNAMIC ENHANCEMENT - F1 cars have wings for a reason. The front and rear attachments – chin spoilers, etc. on race-cars are present for go rather than show. Watch what happens to a F1 machine when the wing disappears! Appropriate spoilers, wings, etc. improve the grip capability of the machine.

Do not believe me? I have the trophies to show! LOL.

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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