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A drag race settles an argument. If there is any doubt or debate regarding which machine is faster or which driver and machine combination is the quickest, all questions will be answered in no uncertain terms  along a given stretch of pavement/asphalt.

At the end of the hurried blast to an agreed and accepted finish line, one driver will be beaming with enviable pride while the other will be crafting an excuse to justify why he was humbled with defeat.

There is always an element of risk and at times, in their pursuit for  glory, recklessness overtakes safety concerns and often times carnage results.

The thoughtful owners/operators/entrepreneurs who are affiliated with Jamwest Speedway recognized that an abundant Need For Speed was thriving among the populace of this ‘Rock’, which we not only enjoy, but truly cherish.

So in a bid to harness and accommodate said desires, in a controlled environment, Jamwest Speedway, on Sunday, February 26th, 2017, will open its huge metal gates to accommodate all the drag racers from every shade tree or fully air conditioned tuning shop across the country!


The event labelled Drag Fury is apt for numerous reasons. Battles will be waged, wars will be fought, rivalries will be renewed and new rivalries will be conceived. So, the pace will definitely be furious! So, if you think your machine is as fast as your dreams suggest, a safe and salubrious environment awaits you and your machine at Jamwest Speedway.

And there is more. There is no need to wait until Sunday, when it is D- Day, to assess your machine’s true potential. The facility will be available from Saturday to allow the mandatory (if you are a serious racer) Test and Tune exercise.

At the fastest drag strip in the Caribbean, formidable machines will roar with a child’s glee to welcome the 2017 drag racing season. Let your machines be heard, allow the fans to revel in their speed and most of all, etch your name in Jamaica’s drag racing history books.


If what Shyian is saying is actually true, all the heavy-hitters will be in the building. And to indicate that the local community is embraced, welcomed and appreciated, an intriguing Alex Imports Wassy taxi bikes circuit race is on the schedule! That promises to be exciting, to say the least. If you are not aware, Westmoreland is know for its bike-taxi culture and I am fully aware of the exploits of the daredevils aboard those machines – dem youth deh no normal!

A family experience is planned, as indicated by the inclusion of the adventure park, which will cater to the varied desires of the children and the gorgeous lasses -the fairer sex –  if they are not overly keen on drag racing.

I have seen images suggesting that the ‘Red Donkey’ and others will be in the building! Will you be there? You must be there! Drag Fury – Jamwest Speedway – Sunday, Feb 26th!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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