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I have often heard it said that there are individuals who are excessively wealthy, but infinitely unhappy. Do you know anyone who wears this description? If you do, provide them with my particulars. For a small fee, which may be compared to an invisible droplet in an ocean, I will impregnate their monotonous existence with an alien virus – HAPPINESS!

At times, being paired with the unfamiliar provides the opportunity for unique, but refreshing life-altering experiences. And with the introduction of the new Porsche 911 GT3, happiness is only a Porsche dealership away!


Just think – a beast like no other – Logan’s recently discovered child – innocuous externally, but virulent internally, transporting rage which would overwhelm Kong! An apt description of the bastard Porsche revealed? Clearly! Five hundred incensed horses!

And this feature has diabetics fleeing from its sweetened nectar – a manual gearbox! Stand back and watch happiness erupt – Mauna Loa (Hawaii)! Pity me. Do I have the cash to care, purchase and participate in the 9000 rpm bacchanal? No! So, please return to the second and third sentences of this blog and provide the requisite assistance to your colleague in distress !


Without spilling the canned beans I will remain deliberately superficial. I called Chressmore White recently. I had what detectives refer to as a hunch. We spoke briefly. We have discussed my concerns previously. What he had to say then, in his usual, blunt, unscripted, but direct and forthright manner was devoid of compliments for the individuals who held and flung power in the inner sanctum of the JRDC.

But, Heath Causwell was always a unifying voice. In our conversations he would reassure me that the objective remains the same and it would be best to ignore individuals with a destructive agenda. Why then did the mutiny appear?


Kyle Gregg raised pertinent issues. Eyebrows aimed skyward. Other questions were asked. Comments were made and Heath made several interesting, alarming and caustic pronouncements.

And incredibly, in the dark corner of an increasingly lonely boardroom, where inactivity was flourishing, a magic wand appeared. And like manna, all things hopeful,promising and productive fell on unsuspecting members!

There are days when the sea is calm. There are also days when walls of water can crumble a supertanker. The magician extracted a meeting from the bag of tricks. Thursday evening promises to be interesting. A fly on the wall I will not be. Fire and rescue will be on speed dial!

I am still advocating and gleefully endorsing happiness though! I need this track-machine!


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