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We live in a glorious era! We willingly embrace robots. But, a robot that can cook Sunday rice and peas with Jamaica’s best fried chicken? The reporter, possibly salivating, was forced to ask if the robot could put ‘love’ in the dish!

Here is something to put on your bucket-list. Inhale deeply then read with a reporter’s poise!

Have you ever had the opportunity to creep a race-car through the Esses (at Dover Raceway), gingerly ascending the gentle rise, anticipating the green flag’s orders, which instantly triggers a rambunctious transition from what appeared to be a peaceful assembly to a roaring wave of 15 MS 109-inhaling, fire-propelled, irascible runts, all barreling – ignoring the middle pedal – to a bold, unconcerned, immobile Corner 1?

If personal testimony is still valid and invaluable – there is absolutely nothing that you will experience in this lifetime or in the reincarnated edition, which can even attempt to challenge the raging ocean of adrenaline which the wrestle to Corner 1 unleashes!


Remember the meeting I told you about? The meeting that some thought would make or break Monique Gibbs (President)? Well, the meeting was held as scheduled. And in a room which would massacre any pituitary gland, the President held her ground and laid the asphalt for the road ahead for the JRDC.

So, detractors will continue their quest, but the consensus which pervaded the gathering of Jamaica’s race-car drivers was unanimous – WE WILL RACE!


And, ladies and gentlemen, Easter cannot come too soon! The machines have been dormant for some time now and drivers are beyond eager to commence or resume vendettas. Kyle Gregg, who arguably, started the recent firestorm was his usual vocal-self and apparently, brandishing a new livery, his machine intends to bring excruciating pain to his former sponsor.

The first race for the season is usually a good measuring stick for what lies ahead. And if what I am aware of is accurate, the fans are in for delightful stuff! In the recent past, the Williams clan (Williams Auto and Service Center – WASC) took their toy and exited the Dover scene.

The President is suggesting that the WASC crew and their pulsating Pulsar will be shredding the back-straight April 17th!


The Brown’s Town crew is preparing to reclaim their lost dominance. Nigel Edward’s’ machine will possibly be leading that charge, but the chosen staple – Honda – will not be in short supply at Dover in April.

Mitsubishi loyalists will be on the lookout for their heroes. And I can assure you, a new and improved Andre Anderson will be in the building.


The motorcyclists will not be overlooked. Kyle, Linton, Mario, Ryan and others will do what they do best – thrill the motorcycle fans who appreciate a good race. Will local hero ‘Pugu’ be in the building? One thing is certain, the knee-dragging battles will be waged with aplomb around the 1.6.

We pause now. But bear this in mind – Dover Raceway, Easter Monday April 17th – STRAIGHT SHELLINGS!

Did you notice that we did not mention the titans – Doug Gore and David Summerbell Jr? We cannot – yet!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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