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The weather flung some bag gas into the 1000cc injectors and the party was rescheduled. This Sunday, nothing (we hope) will stop the NDRC from unleashing its tested, tried and repeatedly proven product – meticulously orchestrated drag racing at Vernamfield.

The wait was unbearable. I now understand the inner workings of an addict’s mind! I have heard and listened to tales of preparation at several locations and if the assembled spoken words conveyed the truth with unblemished accuracy, the traction compound-treated concrete at Vernamfield will be subjected to more stress than a human rights advocate who is assigned to Syria!


In 2016 the NDRC hosted its family-oriented events and remained committed to improving the sport of drag racing. It is evident, before the season commences, that their spectator-driven approach to motor racing, that we have come to accept as the standard bearer on ‘the Rock’, has not changed.

But, the ‘goodies’ are not reserved solely for spectators. The stars of the stage show, the entertainers – the drivers and their team – will all be smiling to the bank. Cash payouts for class winners and runners up continue – with an increase! And if that was not enough, break an ¬†existing record and you collect a tidy sum – $50,000! Do you need another form of motivation to compete.

Here is a quick fact. Did you know that an average of 164 racers register at each NDRC event? That is a mindboggling number when I reflect on what I know exists elsewhere. I say no more.

On Sunday the NDRC will once again roll out the red carpet for all of its registered racers and its numerous partners. Drivers are reminded that they must honor the theme – Full Throttle – by exhibiting maximum gas pedal action! And excuses, re traction, like history books, will embrace the past, because at Vernamfield on Sunday, traction compound will smother the entire 1320 ft with ‘hold me close’ love and affection!

Fast times are expected. All 2016 class champions will pay no registration fee in 2017. The registration fee of $3000 which allows drag racers to compete at all events for the year, will be enforced. Money, money and more prize money awaits the winners. Is it difficult to comprehend why drag racers islandwide, like men to a ‘thick chick’, will descend in record numbers to Vernamfield on Sunday!

Drag racing, however, does not reward appearance. On Sunday, like the era of the glorified cowboys, only the quickest will survive!

Will you be there? You must be there!

Survival of the quickest, this Sunday at Vernamfield!

But wait, there is more. Just a reminder!


Big up Nick Lue and the crew!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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