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Pavlov manipulated a canine. The eager Lassie communicated unseen messages to his inner sanctum which prompted a visible reaction despite the absence of the substance (food) which would normally trigger the reaction.

At the Chinese GP, there was no doubt that a battle of extreme importance would unfold on the asphalt. In qualifying, Hamilton wielded his superiority despite Vettel’s obvious pace.


After Round 1, some analysts expressed the view that Mercedes blinked and handed the victory to Scuderia Ferrari when Hamilton dived for the pits first. In China, in trying to grab an ace from the deck, Vettel’s crew was summoned early into action under the virtual safety car. But, the thought that an advantage was gained was trapped when the real safety car allowed Hamilton and others to pit and lose nothing!

The race was essentially over at this point with Vettel always playing catch the hare (Hamilton). It is abundantly clear, however, that Ferrari’s speed and performance are at a level that will upstage Mercedes in 2017.

Hamilton and Vettel share points at present. The race will not be for the swift. Will the race be for the Ferrari in 2017? Strategy in 2017 will be of extreme importance! I am waiting to see the Ferrari chase and overtake Hamilton when he is in full flight! Will we see it at Round 3?

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