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It is often said that the best messages are conveyed using plain and simple language. I concur. I will execute accordingly. The season opener for any motor racing series worth its fuel costs, is usually highly anticipated by both fans and the competitors.

The first race of the season gives all interested parties the visual cues needed to determine the nature of the road that lies ahead. No-one wants a bumpy ride, but, there is only one way to determine if what you have is a proven winner – RACE!

The first Round of what promises to be a firecracker in 2017, selects first gear, buries the ‘gas’ pedal and screams along the start-finish straight at Dover Raceway on Easter Monday.

I passed through the awards ceremony for the Heroes of Speed event (2016) and the 2017 circuit racing series launch at the Liguanea Club last night. I was fashionably late, as usual. I spoke to several key individuals and I departed with invaluable information.


I sold my loyalty before conception, so I am more than obliged to share. Doug Gore’s beast – DTM Audi TT-R – ¬†should be ready to rumble if Raj accomplishes his assigned tasks. The machine has undergone a makeover – parts replaced to address the impact it received in Guyana – and the gearbox, which possibly has more frequent flyer miles than yours truly, is sitting in the tourism Mecca – Mobay – awaiting insertion.

We all know that Doug and his machine operate in unison now, so, on Easter Monday we should all brace ourselves for Audigeddon!


Kyle Gregg was engaged in high-stakes poker when I quizzed him. He clung to reluctance, but, he did say that a few crucial changes were made to his machine. He whispered amidst chuckling that improvements were sought and found in the differential and the gearbox of his machine. Is 1:16 on the cards?


David Summerbell was trapped by the TVJ outfit (as was Kyle Gregg, Raj and others) so, like the Gleaner’s competitor, I was an Observer. I eventually listened as he spoke to another highly placed individual. The machine’s suspension was a brief topic – JRZs vs Ohlins. The ‘King’ also mentioned that reliability was of paramount importance.

In a conversation I had with a nameless source, he stated that TA1 in race-trim is untouchable at Dover Raceway and if it stays healthy for the long haul (a full race) victory is a foregone conclusion. But, will TA1 remain healthy? Stephen Gunter and Ian Webb, like potato skins, will have their hands loaded!

I have said previously that Ian Webb’s inclusion in the TA1 family was a masterful stroke and the dividends gained are tangible. Ian has demonstrated that he has the repertoire of skills TA1′s race-winning preparation demands and on the German bench, Raj Jadusingh, a ‘super-sub’ is also a proven game-changer. The battle will be fought!

Is TA1 ready for war? I detect a drone-strike being planned by ambitious militants!

Dover Raceway, Easter Monday!

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