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Jamaicans know how to have fun and motorsports provide the appropriate avenue for rip-roaring excitement. So, with coolers and igloos packed with assorted spirits and refreshments, fans assembled at the iconic 1.6. An ample crowd was present and despite emaciated entries on the grid, in the various classes, more drama was distributed than that which is seen on Sunday’s on AMC’s Into the Badlands!

Fraser ‘Frazz’ McConnell, William ‘Wings’ Myers, Colin Daley, Nicholas ‘Tazz’ Barnes and others were not billed as the main event, but it would be difficult to argue that they were not. We have a tendency of focusing on the ‘big guns’ but I was visibly distressed when I saw 3/4 race cars on the grid when TA1 and the Radical rolled out. Doug Gore’s machine had starting issues and did not make the first race for his class. Yes 3/ 4 race cars! I was not pleased.

But, in the MP races, as was stated by commentator ‘Druggist’, a food fight of epic proportion was in progress and the patrons in the restaurant were mortified!

Wings as we know is KFC ‘affiliated’. Frazz is from the Tru Juice family. Peter Jaggon supplies cooking gas and Nicholas Barnes provides Bay Wata!

On the grid, they assumed their correct positions, but when the green waved there was no sequence of events to adhere to. The gas supplier distance himself from the chicken. The juice played ketchup (catch up) and the Wata was a bit behind so he could not quench their thirst!

I am fully aware of their class differences, but the patrons who were ignorant of the unnecessary details were having a riot of a good time with the rivalry.


In race 2 it was evident that Frazz was no longer willing to play second fiddle to the Big Deal’s demands and rightly so, he drop-kicked Wings in front of the main grandstand – PANDEMONIUM!

But, 3 pieces of chicken constitute a large meal and Wings had a lot on his plate. The exuberant lad knew no patience. He attacked, where attack is never normally contemplated – at the Pepsi hairpin. The imminent collision spilled the Tru Juice. Frazz was shoved to the side and both machines died momentarily. There was a brief jostle as they both tried to return to the race. Views were being traded, bought and sold among the patrons! Hilarious comments all around!

What is evident, however, is the fact that we have a promising crop of youngsters who are hell bent on racing the only way they know how – pedal to the metal, to the finish line. Yes, they are from the same camp but tell them that after the race because at Dover Raceway on Easter Monday we witnessed a massive, fractious food fight!

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