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Words are my tools, but thankfully the digital age allows us access to multifaceted springboards from which communication can be established and accomplished. Motorsports, like energy drinks, deliver an overwhelming dose of adrenaline that, if not restrained, can deliver electric stimulation so potent that you will emit sounds, words and utterances that can only be unraveled by the supercomputers stationed at the Silicon Valley!

Dont believe me? Listen to these fans who were struck by an IED – improvised emotional device !


Did you notice TA1′s unrelenting hammer being swung mercilessly until the cyber-bully struck in race 2? Doug Gore though….. an evil, purposeful, tireless spirit on the chase in Race 2! Man and machine in one Accord – no, sorry, in one DTM Audi TT-R! Machine!

Kyle Gregg’s pace in qualifying confirms that he has the skill-set. Does he have the mental durability to absorb, reject, defend and conquer when he is subjected to repeated bombardment from TA1 or the TT-R when they are firing on all cylinders?

Incidentally, frustration can inspire literary jewels! I read where an individual posting as Pizza on likened TA1 to FRITTERS!

The following was stated (shortened) – “TA1. I rename you FRITTERS………because I never love something so much that full of salt suh. The distance the car put between the others was surreal only for the gremlins to pop up again. Its alright, I still love you Fritters.”

Hurt by the events of TS Race 2, but loyal to the end. Classic! Hailings Pizza!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. Mark says:

    Hail Cecil,
    Love your blog and the enthusiasm one writes about our Jamaican auto events.

    What ever happened to the good visual coverage of Jamaican auto sports?

    I treasured NCU coverage and to be left in twilight zone for the past 2 years is disheartening. Forget about TVJ as the two second coverage was never enough.

    With all the media outlets now available in Jamaica why is auto racing coverage at the bottom of the totem pole?
    Just look at the fan base for rallying, drag racing and auto racing via track or simple dexterity trials. Not necessarily live coverage but a simple recording a tad bit better than a camera phone.

    Keep doing what you do.
    One Love….

  2. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Mark! Now that you mentioned it, I would have to ask what has happened to our media partner NCU. They did a rather good job when they were on board and they were an enthusiastic bunch when I saw them at the track.

    I will ask Madam President what happened re NCU. I agree that a lot more can be done in terms of visual coverage. I hope management is listening! There is so much that can be achieved through motorsports – just think for one minute of the tourism aspect if motorsports is promoted and marketed as it should.

    But myopia spreads far and wide! We will continue to do what we can from our small combustion chamber, but any help from any quarter will be appreciated. Join the team! Thanks!

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