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If you were trying to decide which country has the best MotoGP riders, Spain advanced a rather stout case on Sunday. There is something about home advantage. That intangible ‘thing’ summons superhuman qualities and extracts extraordinary abilities, which when unmasked, allow individuals to ascend, in dramatic fashion, to the top step of the podium.

Dani Pedrosa, who unfortunately, has had to operate in Marc Marquez’ shadow, distanced himself from his restricting forces on the weekend. His pole-snatching performance offered a glimpse into his poise and on Sunday, he completed the work he began.


Dani is known for lightning-quick starts, his acute lightness possibly presents an advantage others can only wish they had. He leapt off the line at the start and led. Dani is a rather tiny fellow, but on his Honda machine on Sunday, he was a giant. Harassed by his teammate, he was, but nerves of steel appeared and remained.

We rarely see Marquez beaten in a straight bike-fight. But, on Sunday, Pedrosa’s resolve was immobile and Marquez, despite his undisputed greatness, succumbed to Pedrosa’s wrath. Marquez threw in a weary towel with a few laps remaining. The big picture approach was adopted by the defending champion and Pedrosa roared home to a much deserved win in front of his adoring fans.

And if Dani Pedrosa’s victory was not enough, the all-Spain affair was made complete by Marquez – P2 and a recovering Lorenzo – P2 – ¬†aboard his Italian steed.

It is still too early to select a clear favorite in 2017 and Rossi who faded miserably РP10 Р retains the narrowest of margins. If you are a fan, you must be impressed with what Zarco is doing on that satellite machine! What will happen when he hops on a factory machine?


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