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Lewis Hamilton’s fans are not having an exceptional 2017! I am certain that when Rosberg’s snap retirement was announced and his replacement confirmed, in the form and shape of Valtteri Bottas, they did not see the minefield which has now emerged.

Bottas being a threat to Hamilton’s supremacy was possibly contemplated, but no thought was given to the vengeful sniper, aligned to another outfit,lurking patiently, waiting for the opportune moment to lay bare his cruel intent.

Round 1 revealed the assassin and based on current affairs, the Scarlet Outfit has successfully capsized Mercedes’ aura of sublime racecraft. Possibly trapped in a drunken stupor and still reeling from Ferrari’s moonshine, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes GP appear shell shocked!

How else can you explain the events which unfolded in Monaco? Hamilton was at home, but he retained zero advantage! A comedy of errors in qualifying left him watching Ferrari locking the front row.

Vettel sat at P2 – Raikonnen – P1 and Hamilton buried deep in the pack. So, at a track that is notorious for the absence of overtaking, high stakes poker, a feature of life in Monaco, was definitely on the cards.


The team which calls Maranello home, at present, is operating like the superior, well-oiled machine the Tifosi expects and at Monaco, all wheels were pointing towards the checkered flag. The debate will ensue whether the team allowed Vettel to swing by Raikkonen via pit-stop strategy, but it cannot be denied that Vettel, aboard a machine which is delivering what the right boot demands, is driving like the multiple World Champion he is.

Is it a coincidence that the Princess was adorned in red on the podium? Vettel maintains a hefty points margin. If it was not clear then, it must be clear now Hamilton and Mercedes are under seige!

But wait, there is more. Hamilton, apparently has made comments belittling Alonso’s efforts and that of the Indy car drivers at the recent Indy 500. Tony Kanaan an Indy stalwart, was not pleased. He retorted by stating that Hamilton competed in a two-car world championship (in 2016) and came second! Have that on a square plate!

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