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I played my role in saluting a legend who is alive and well and still young enough to have a whale of a time! But, during the festivities, what I learnt eons ago – the heights of great men reached and kept…. –  while attending Brompton/Black River Primary school, rang true like Munro College’s ageless, historic bell!

After the final race, which he won and during the early segment of the musical celebration and the performances, when everyone was locked in the enthralling rave, lightning Bolt was otherwise engaged. Where was the dynamo?

Usain was at one end of the field (at the goal area beyond the finish-line) jogging/stretching/exercising and possibly completing his ‘warm down’ routine. He was the only athlete on the field at that time, still locked in preparation-for-battle mode! We salute you Sir!


Defeat devices, which were conceived by miscalculating minds and eventually uncovered by superior intellect, possibly led to Le Mans victory-warriors, Audi, pulling up stumps and chilling in the pavilion. Porsche, an indomitable force, was still present, but after last year’s final lap debacle, it was widely felt that 2017 was Toyota’s year.

Kamui Kobayashi, it was reported, said “It was a perfect lap” – a lap which saw Toyota screaming that victory was their destiny! But, plans laid are often spurned by reality’s callous demeanor. With three bullets in the chamber Toyota went on a rampage and led comfortably. Significant threats remained invisible.

But, by hour 12 of the iconic race, a triple threat – hybrid issues, clutch drama and avoidable contact –  slaughtered Toyota’s mission.

Porsche endured their share of mechanical uncertainty, but lady luck extended her arm and caressed the German giant. After falling behind, a yeoman’s effort was required to salvage victory. But, been there, accomplished that – Porsche triumphed – again – 3 in a row – while Toyota withdrew to the Lick-Your-Wounds room!

24 HOURS OF LE MANS – 2017

Congratulations Porsche – Machine!

Toyota needs a trip to ‘Mada’ in St Thomas!

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