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Good whatever time of day it is to all my colleagues at the Holiday Inn, Montego Bay. Yes, ‘The Rock’ is still paradise!

The NDRC will roll out its hotly contested, speed-infused carpet at drag racing’s luxury suite – Vernamfield, Clarendon on Sunday, July 23, 2017. The third installment of the Full Throttle Championship Series, by all accounts, will unmask a plethora of scrumptious machines, which will all wrestle for P1 accolades.

Our culture dictates, that on the day the Lord designed but we call it Sunday, we should pause for reflection and honor the Creator in heaven. We will respectfully comply, but then, the machines when so directed, in a rather autocratic and selfish fashion by mindless speed freaks, will summon hell’s wrath and stain the 1320ft with a burnt trail generated by funny-car-rapid inflammable speed!

But, before we hit that intoxicating crescendo, the boys scouts in the building will tell you – Be Prepared! The 2017 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is still a throbbing memory and the lessons taught by Porsche are still the subject of Toyota’s recurring nightmare.


The competitors at NDRC events are mere mortals with vanishing budgets and as such they must ensure that, that which was conceived and built performs in a manner consistent to the images revealed in the class winning dream.

Such an opportunity presents itself this Sunday. NDRC stalwarts and rookies will test their machines this Sunday, July 16th at Vernamfield.

Do you want a preview of what to expect next Sunday? Do you want to see the new 10 seconds or 9 seconds machine before it rolls out on the majestic stage?

Test and Tune is like an idlers rest for speed-nation members and the event is accompanied by a rather incredible attachment – it is free for spectators!

So will you be there? Hell yeah!

And there is more. Look out for the new machines. A certain silver Honda Civic EG should be in the building, making its Vernamfield debut. A machine that has been under construction for a few years, thankfully, is finally at the finish line.

How will it perform? Remember this name – Marvin Scarlett. He has bought his ticket. He is at the gate. His journey is about to begin!

Test and Tune this Sunday!


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