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It was foretold. On August 7th it manifested itself. Dover Raceway was indeed ‘Radicalized’ and circuit racing on ‘the rock’ has received a much needed new lease on life!


Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg was the guinea pig. His acquisition of a Radical RXC, the defeated entrails it left in its wake and Jamwestgate, possibly convinced the lifetime ‘King’, David Summerbell Jr. that TA 1 was existing in the period after the machine’s use by date. So the ‘King’ employed the Japanese mantra – only a Ninja can kill a Ninja. The ‘King’ grabbed a Radical!

It was promoted as such and on Monday, August 7th, despite having limited time to familiarize himself with the nuances of the machine, the ‘King’ took his machine to the grand stage.

‘Speedy’ has had the luxury of extensive seat time. I can distinctly remember that he had an arduous task grappling with a machine that, courtesy of an overly anxious right boot, was ┬ámore prone to oversteer than a Red Poll trapped on a frozen lake!

Experience will always pay dividends though, so it was not surprising that ‘Speedy’ secured the pole award – 1:17.390. What was possibly surprising to some who still cannot grasp the measure of the man, who is David Summerbell Jr, is how close he sat next to Kyle – 1:18.196.

As reported everywhere, including confrontation media (social media), on Monday, Kyle brought the broom and after the Radicals traded blows, he swept the three races.


What was not reported, however, is the fact that Kyle maintained no lap of luxury during the races. By all accounts, Kyle was subjected to a SR8 which displayed an intoxicated terrier’s wrath.

Like a hapless ant, Kyle was trapped in a threatening web which was spun by Summerbell’s SR8. In the Modified Production and Thunder Sport Race 3, ‘Speedy’s best time was 1:17.420. The ‘King’s’ best time was 1:17.902! A cat’s whisker between the two!

Kyle was apparently forced to employ every tactic his youthful years allowed. And despite his best efforts, there is evidence to suggest that he was outfoxed at the start of the final race.

According to alleged eyewitnesses, an unlikely hero emerged in the shape and form of Gary Barrett. And apparently, if it was not for Gary’s lack of awareness, Kyle’s sweep would have been foiled.

Congratulations are in order though to Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg for surviving the King’s onslaught and stacking three victories. Congratulations are also in order for the ‘King’ for rattling the youngster’s cage and delivering much needed entertainment to the patrons on Monday.

Can you believe that there are persons suggesting that the SR8 needs more power? Some people have what I will call an ‘Iron Head’. They refuse to learn! ‘Iron Heads’ reflect on this gem – Dover has a total of 1.6 miles and about 12/13 corners- power is not the answer you seek!

We need more cars on the grid though in the various classes. Madam President there is work to be done!

The facts are not invisible. On Monday August 7th, Dover, as predicted, was ‘Radicalized’. Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg was triumphant, but the ‘King’ in his stop-gap race-car, proved again, why he is revered throughout the Caribbean!

But wait. We await Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore’s machine! Raj and company are being rather secretive! Lol.

Big up Kyle! All hail the ‘King’!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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