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Michael Schumacher is no ordinary driver. What he achieved during his tenure in F1, catapults him, without question, to Legend status! Spa was his place and the scene of his first F1 victory. But, life has a way of hurling vicious bouncers and the man we all adored, despite his propensity to display selfish ruthlessness, is now a shadow of himself. We continue to pray for him.

To honor the man, his son Mick Schumacher, now 18 years old and a competitor in F3, rolled out one of the old machines to mark the 25th anniversary of the ‘big man’s’ first win.


The moment was not lost on Lewis Hamilton and when his pole run allowed him to rub shoulders with Schuey, it is reported that his emotions were visible. Lewis’ pole run confirmed that he was ready for war and in race-trim, missing revs was not on the agenda!

Vettel has a plan and 2017 presents his best chance in recent years to grab his 5th hold on the championship. But guess what? Lewis is also on a similar path – chasing 4!

At Spa, Hamilton did enough to stay ahead of Vettel’s revolting horse. A safety car intervention in the final segment of the race meant obvious uncertainty for Lewis – Vettel was on the superior tyre!

Lewis Hamilton benefited from no gold fork – he knows how to battle in the streets. And at Spa, on Sunday, Lewis knew what was at stake. He was also aware that allowing Vettel to pass and grab the win would also mean that the points margin would extend in Vettel’s favor. Lewis was not prepared for that outcome.

So what did he do? When all the odds suggested that Vettel would sweep by on the restart, Lewis found a way to keep his machine fast, steady and true through all the corners on the circuit. Despite closing dramatically and positioning himself to overtake Vettel simply could not pass!

It was game over when Lewis’ executed that which was desired to ensure that Vettel could not benefit from DRS in the final laps. Lewis’ voice, like a frightened child, was constant on the radio, querying Vettel’s progress.

True champions will always prevail when the going gets tough. And in 2017, we have the pleasure of witnessing 2 such individuals who are more than willing to let it all hang on the finish line!

Lewis won at Spa. Vettel leads the championship. The points margin leaves no comfort zone. And guess where they are heading next? The land of the Tifosi will play host to the next Round of this World Championship!

Ricciardo was P3 in Spa! How come?

Are you brave enough to bet against Vettel and Ferrari on their scarlet-coloured soil?

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