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Lewis Hamilton is rapidly putting daylight between himself and the other wolves in the pack. He was recently going toe to toe with ‘Schuey’ in pole-dominance and at Monza, when he secured pole, he distanced himself.

But, Lewis is on a quest. A quest which will see him claim his 4th grab on F1′s most coveted crown. A crown which he narrowly lost last season to his teammate, arch-rival and nemesis, Nico Rosberg. A crown which is burdensome to he who dons it, but desired nonetheless, because  of what it implies and what it bestows upon he, who, having vanquished all contenders, is the last man standing.

This season continues to excite and apparently Lewis Hamilton, fresh from the summer break, has fortified his mettle. The other drivers on the grid should worry because if Hamilton’s current form continues, they will all be sipping more defeat brew!


Enzo Ferrari was as enigmatic and complex as human beings come. But, what requires no debate, is the fact that the man had a genuine  kindhearted approach to those around him – except his drivers! Lol. Not fair?

Enzo embraced the town within which his machines are built, Maranello. Formula 1 is a religion in the town . When Ferrari wins, the entire town rejoices. The passion for Ferrari is intense. It is riveting and it demands commitment. In Maranello, when Ferrari wins, the bells toll in the cathedral!

Lewis Hamilton, I am certain, is conscious of the level to which Ferrari is revered in Italy. But did it matter to him on Sunday? Absolutely not!

Lewis ‘The Merciless’ was in championship mode and his myopic view was restricted to P1!

He captured pole and led from the red lights acquired darkness! Was he seriously challenged during the race? No! Where were the prancing horses? They were locked in battles of their own , chasing Hamilton and trying to destabilize the Mercedes duo.


Truth be told, the weather flung several spanners into qualifying and after the rain dance and grid penalties were applied, Hamilton remained the leading man, followed by the strange faces of Stroll and Ocon, with Bottas, Raikkonen and Vettel in tow.

Do you think the Tifosi slept Saturday night , knowing that their battlebot – Vettel – was mired in 6th? The race could not be described as highly entertaining or eventful. You would have to visit the FIA’s Rallycross Championship or NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series for that!

Verstappen was bitten by his omnipresent bad luck bug. The most potent part of Alonso’s car is still the radio! Bottas rallied to P2 with a few well calculated passes. Vettel fought valiantly and avoided Italian reprisal by sneaking into P3!

The Tifosi did not get what they desired. The bells did not toll . The vocal warriors invaded Monza and booed Hamilton ‘The Merciless’. But was it all in good fun? yes!

Here is where it gets interesting. Hamilton now leads the world championship. Not by much, but he leads. Hamilton has  more race wins than Vettel –  6 -4.


Is this the beginning of the end for Vettel’s 2017 World Championship hopes?

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