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You did not buy a ticket, but you won the lottery. Strange but true. Please maintain 110 km/hr along this hypothetical highway. You are presented with 3 insane 2018 machines. You will choose 1, which will become your personal stress-release valve.

Each machine has an insatiable appetite for asphalt. Each machine can distort time with incomprehensible speed – perfect for time attack or hillclimb events!

The machines? Ford GT, Bugatti Chiron and Porsche 911 GT3 (all 2018). Which machine would you choose?


October is not my favourite month. As I have alluded to at some time in the past, it (October) rings a bell which callously informs me that the motorsports year is rapidly approaching the last lap.

But, before the checkered flag appears, there is much fun to be had. And thankfully the JRDC has possibly saved its best for last. On October 16, Jamaica’s Heroes of Speed will assemble at an iconic spot – Dover Raceway.

And at the colosseum that the late, celebrated, Alfred Chen built, motorsports fans from luxury suites (homes) all across this tropical paradise, will revel at will, drowning at times, inundated by waves of adrenaline, courtesy of the epic battles which will be waged on a track known for hosting cataclysmic jousts.

At the Independence of Speed, David Summerbell Jr. aboard an unfamiliar machine, imposed sanctions on a seasoned Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg. Kyle has never been a pushover and his genetic code will not allow him to submit to defeat’s request. So, if his machine is ready to rock (Ford RTR ) expect Shock and Awe!

And if that is enough – is it true that Mark Maloney, of screaming RX3 fame, will be wringing another Radical’s neck around the 1.6? Mark Maloney is Barbados’ image of David Summerbell behind the wheel. But and this is an uncontested fact – he is far more ruthless, devoid of compassion and only concerned with victory – my type of driver!

If the above is true, Dover will not only be classified as LIT – it a go BUN DUNG! Excitement will breach any man-made barrier present at Dover on October 16, 2017!


Will you be there? Clearly, you must be there!

Did you choose 1 of the machines?

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