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Kyle Speedy Gregg was planning to join the ‘big boys’ league. He had enough preparation in the ‘development’ classes, savagely abusing his VTEC-propelled machine. It (his Honda EG) reigned in a league where it was superior. But, would it be adequate to ensure the continuation of his winning ways? Absolutely not!

So, B D Gregg and Brothers did what they always do – they went for a game changer . Remember when the Ford Focus WRC arrived on our sugar-producing shores?

B D Gregg and Brothers sought and acquired the machine they felt would effectively kill two birds with 1 stone -  capsize the ‘King’s’ ailing ship (TA 1) and shove the DTM TT-R into a permanent corner labelled DEFEAT. Kyle slept at the track. Miracles do happen!

It was not long before the sun shone brilliantly and we could all see that the Radical was an almost limitless, potent piece of kit. It waved victory-grabbing advantages that Ray Charles could see rather clearly. Kyle was poised to reign.

The ‘King’, an elder statesman is an elite tactician. He remained loyal to the diamond star until fate forced his hand. He jumped in a Radical. At the Independence of Speed his (the King) resume was laid bare for everyone’s perusal. Aboard a machine he met a few days earlier the King was floating like a butterfly but stinging like a bee. Fans at Dover were intoxicated!


We await Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore’s machine. Even though he has not been on the track, apparently Doug has been busy orchestrating the demise of his adversaries, Kyle and the ‘King’. Reports have indicated that Doug Gore has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the firefight will escalate exponentially. The mushroom cloud will be visible in Kingston!

In the beginning Kyle got one. The ‘King’, released from his shackles, by unforeseen circumstances, also snatched one. Doug has facilitated the appearance of another. In August, fans at Dover saw two. On October 16 they will see three!

The fireball of excitement will not be extinguished! Kyle vs the ‘King’ vs Mark Maloney?  The magnitude of this match-up cannot be outlined here! Must-see-tv? No. YOU MUST BE AT DOVER RACEWAY!


Who will emerge the victor when the game of the Radicals is played at Dover Raceway?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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