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So, I am somewhat befuddled. In this the year labelled 2017, technology continues to claim success in areas that only the Jetsons were aware of. If a smart phone is stolen, we have the ability to activate that which is unknown to the thief and grab him while he boasts about his new acquisition.

Drones currently ply their search and destroy trade devoid of human occupation. But, we are still engaged in clueless, head-scratching searches for behemoths such as an aircraft and most recently a submarine! Incredible but true!

The 2017 Formula 1 season will be remembered for myriad reasons and dependent on which side of the fence you sat, chances are you are still rejoicing or you are regretting the mistakes your team or driver made. Truth be told, Ferrari’s legitimate challenge infused much needed momentum in the discipline which is still regarded as the pinnacle of motorsports.

Competition fuels the flame, which fosters the passion, which drives the spectator-dependent sport. But, ever so often, F1 runs the risk of adopting a monotonous beat with the top spots being occupied by the same chosen few.

I was fortunate to watch some enthralling action recently and I could not help but reflect on that which F1 offers. And it is my view that F1 needs this!


Do you agree?

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2 Responses to “FORMULA 1 NEEDS THIS!”

  1. Stephen Gunter says:


    Formula 1 needs to move away from the overly complex power units (ICE, MGU-K & MGU-H) and aerodynamic aids like DRS. A move back to an internal combustion engine and less aerodynamic aids would result in closer racing and equity among the field.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Stephen! Chances are you have ignited a debate which will require MMA referees to separate the warring factions! Lol! This is my position. I support any move which will result in the Spielberg-type classic that Macau delivered. We want real racing!

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