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Weather permitting the NDRC will be allowed to unveil the next edition of its Full Throttle series. The revised date is November 19th. So, if the sun grows a pair, warms up and decides to overthrow the raging systems which continue to pummel us with relentless rain, we will be rolling to Clarendon’s official speed-spot.

All things being equal, we will get yet another opportunity to experience the ensemble of speed which will disperse force-fed and n/a notes from Vernamfield’s proven stage.

We will not argue here. The Toyota Supra is apparently experiencing a rejuvenation of sorts. Chukku’s Blue Demon is without a doubt a monster devoid of limitations! Chukku’s machine – The Real Hogg – occupies rarefied air on the local landscape, courtesy of its ability to mate the 1/4 mile’s start and finish in less than 9 seconds! Time slips attest to its SUPRAMACY!

The 2JZ does not hesitate to mutilate opponents and leave them swimming in a pool of irrevocable defeat. Stellar examples exist and this machine represents yet another fine example of SUPRA-LOVE!

The sound tho!


But wait there is more.


You can thank me later!

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