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I refuse to run with the obvious. It was foretold. And in Mexico, that which was anticipated, expected and awaited, materialised. But, what was neither predicted nor imagined, was the manner in which Lewis Hamilton claimed his 4th drivers’ title and in so doing, joined the ranks of theĀ  legends of the playboy sport.

The fight, we all knew, was one which Vettel would not shy away from. No towel would be thrown in this one. And in Mexico, Vettel’s mettle was made in Gibraltar! Pole was his domain, but his Singapore-accident-buddy was his neighbour. Mercedes was destined to struggle in Mexico and Hamilton’s P3 was confirmation.


A betting man would have had cardiac arrest moments after the race began. Vettel deviated from the suicide-swerve which landed him at the body shop in Singapore, but Verstappen maintained the poise and aggression of a MMA prodigy.

Playing hardball, Verstappen displaced Vettel and Hamilton sensing an opportunity, pounced. Vettel, locked in must-fight mode, attempted a recovery but only succeeded in clipping Hamilton’s rear wheel – introducing elevated drama – Game of Thrones material!

With the goal of securing the championship apparently threatened, Hamilton was forced to pit – puncture – but Vettel was riding the same horse – forced to pit – damaged nose.

It could not have been scripted – both protagonists, engaged in a high stakes game, were demoted from the front of the pack to the rear! The computations to ascertain the points to be derived by both dependent on where they finished altered with each passing second and each change of grid position each driver accomplished. It must have been an ocean of nerves for fans of both drivers.

But, as I stated earlier, it was foretold and only divine legislation could have ruled otherwise!

So, despite the brief interruption of the Lewis Hamilton Show, in a race in which he was lapped – for the first time since 2013 – Hamilton was crowned.

Lewis Hamilton is the 2017 World Champion! But and there is always a but. Hamilton should privately say thanks to Verstappen because without Verstappen’s brutish approach, he would still be planning fight strategy for the next race.

Vettel, after the summer break was a repeated victim of circumstances and unlike 2016, the Fat Lady, in 2017, was Hamilton’s permanent companion.

Can Ferrari bounce back? Will heads roll? Will this strengthen or weaken Vettel?

Lewis Hamilton – World Drivers’ Champion 2017!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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