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Did you watch the final race of the 2017 F1 season? Were you even aware that F1 sped by this weekend? You will not be held accountable if you were derelict in your F1-fan duties. If you did not watch the race, I am always willing to serve.


Did you see Nico Rosberg at the end of the video? He was beaming from ear to ear. Was his extended smile an end product of Bottas stealing Lewis’ thunder? Just a thought, but my information confirms that, that query is far removed from the truth.

The world was flung into a whirlwind when Rosberg announced his retirement shortly after conquering his Mt Everest and being crowned World Champion. For some it was an unfathomable thought. I cannot and will not suggest that I expected it, but based on all that I read, I will repeat that which I conveyed then – I was not surprised.

Nico said a lot after his retirement and by his account, his response to losing a race which he dominated (prior to the 2016 season), revealed the minefield within which he existed. Nico stated that after gift wrapping the victory and handing it to Lewis he endured self imposed, solitary confinement in a hotel room forĀ  days!


If nothing else was suggested, it was abundantly clear that his bout with Lewis was significantly more than a track affair – it consumed his entire being. And after being second best, repeatedly and having to drag himself from the dungeon he occupied with each defeat, the tempestuous ordeal was slowly slicing portions of the man’s soul.

So, fast forward to the 2016 season and insert context into the equation. All the cards fell in their appropriate place in 2016. Lewis Hamilton plagued by a villainous ‘Fat Lady’ or as some would have us think and believe, the victim of an elaborate conspiracy, missed his target. Rosberg, through his own consistency and race acumen, drove to World Champion status in 2016.

Honesty dictates that you accept your innate ability. The lovely mermaid swam to the surface of the remote reservoir in Rosberg’s mind and whispered, without a stutter, that Lewis was the better driver.

If you were Nico Rosberg would you be willing to subject yourself to the fits of trepidation and outright fear of the unknown which appeared at each round of the Rosberg-Hamilton heavyweight title match.

Rosberg possibly took a pensive look at his doting wife and adorable child and their dependent images coerced the decision which flabbergasted F1. Is he happier now? Personally, I think he is currently riding the wave of the happiest days of his enviable life!


What do you think?

Lewis Hamilton – BIG DRIVER – World Champion 2017!

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