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Auto enthusiasts have always accepted that the Europeans (think Italians and Germans) operate at an advanced level where go-fast machines and race cars are concerned. Yes, the Japanese caught up  and delivered some scrumptious treats. Presumptuous Mazda won Le Mans, Nissan’s Godzilla ruled down under and elsewhere and the Supra dispersed mayhem on the 1320.


But, to rule the portion of asphalt which is specifically designed to deliver an avalanche of spontaneous cheshire-cat type grins (race track), the European assassins had no equal. If you were looking for the ultimate track machine very few machines existed beyond Europe’s shore which could unsettle Porsche, BMW or Ferrari.

If you are a resident on these pages you would be fully aware that I have been teaching a rather difficult to accept lesson. The Americans have long ago distanced themselves from the label that they only build machines which incinerate time in a straight line but transform into a drunken stupor whenever anything resembling a corner appears!

Delicacies, such as the Corvette Z06, dismantled that notion like an accident – head on! Ford absorbed inspiration and decided to build the ‘poor-man’s screamer’. The Mustang GT 350 and 350 R were born. GM, however, would not be defeated in the war that knows no pause. GM’s honor was stoutly defended by the Camaro 1LE and the ZL1.

Motortrend and others will confirm that with the Mustang GT350 R or the Camaro 1LE/ZL1 in the ring, Europe was on the ropes. The stopwatch does not lie. But, why proceed with caution when mutilation delivers gratifying thrills?

While twisting the blade,GM unleashed the ZL1 1 LE. It is a weapon which will scoff at the competition and leave two excessively wide tyre-prints as it marks its territory !


Nb. We do not say sliced bread. Lol!

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