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The recently concluded Full Throttle 4 at Vernamfield is further proof that despite the myriad problems plaguing the other motorsports disciplines, the NDRC has unearthed a knowledge-derived formula that works. Drag racing competitors and fans apparently were not in the mood to be separated from their passion by threats of rain or anything else for that matter. They rolled out!

The quality of the machines on display was only surpassed by the imposing, incandescent members of the fairer sex who were out in droves, thus adding the requisite flavor to a thrilling, speed-filled day!

While searching for video-content from Full Throttle 4, I encountered this particular video. The video is several months old, but, in my view, it provides an apt summary of the current state of drag racing in Jamaica. A proven, JDM inline-6-shooter vs an American bodybuilder – real muscle.

These are combatants from entirely different poles, but masters of a craft labelled speed and shared all day! And they represent in callous terms, the underbelly of war on the 1320 – selfish, overly-aggressive and brutal!


The video confirms what we all know – drag racing in Jamaica is alive and well! Big Up Dean Shaw. Much respect to Neville ‘Chukku’ Hogg!

Incidentally, the fellow who is in the foreground of the video – red t-shirt, glasses on his head – has the likeness and appearance of Courtney Murray (family operates a business near toll gate). Courtney Murray was an extraordinary talent as a schoolboy and he was known for executing remarkable feats.


This is one such feat. We are playing football – under 16 – this is where you grab an image of a football field in your mind – we are kicking from right to left – scoring in the goal on the left. Courtney Murray is our center forward. Our right winger receives a ball close to the half line and makes a blazing run down the right flank and whips in a razor-sharp cross.

Courtney Murray, who was advancing rapidly towards the goal, was at the top of the 18 yards box and facing the direction from which the vicious cross was arriving. Courtney Murray saw the ball in flight, jumped and met the ball with his chest. He was still facing the right flank and airborne. He turned the ball and his body simultaneously to the left. Both ball and man were now facing the goal – in mid-air!

While he was still in mid-air, before his feet landed on the plush grass, Courtney Murray slammed a devastating right-footer towards the goal. The unfortunate goalkeeper, belittled by Murray’s explosive ability, was left clutching at his devoured pride!

I had the pleasure of witnessing, what is still today, one of the best goals I have ever seen.

Hailings Courtney Murray!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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