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What do you know about a man whose parents named him Eugene? A name that could create uneasy moments for any child. The name Eugene has a bully-magnet appeal. But, it might have been all a part of a more important plan. You will be forced to develop a few bold and fearless bones! Well, the plan worked. Eugene Grandison knows no fear, even if it is written on paper!

The man rocks the coolest old school Honda you will see on the 1320 and the fact that it is M.A.D. powered machine means that it is a certified Bellevue resident. A nut case! It cannot be restrained and has no respect for high horsepower, big budget show cars. And it is blatantly, overly excited when it glimpses an Evo. And at Full Throttle 4 guess whose Evo appeared? Welcome Adrian Randle!


Adrian’s Evos are 10 second daily drivers which scream SPEED even when they are parked! As I crept through the paddock, I saw the Evo, and like a clip from the Fast and Furious franchise, the laptop with the ‘boost-juice’ was on the seat, plugged in, ready to alter a few parameters! Stock exterior, but violence aboard!

And in the little blue corner was Eugene. It was the 10 seconds finals. Fans, concerned about the enormous blob above which was a scornful grey/black 1/2 blanket of vengeful rain cloud, went into ecstatic mode! Eugene vs an all-conquering Evo. Who would you pick?

Honestly, I think there are persons at the track, as we speak, trying to ascertain what unfolded. Mr Eugene Grandison departed from the start-line in a rather hurried fashion, locked in the purposeful pursuit of his predetermined agenda – win the da.. race! The minute Honda is now being sought by ZOSO commanders!

Adrian Randle and everyone associated with the Evo faith were slaughtered instantly! The genocide began the moment the Honda broke the beam. There was no catching Eugene. Eugene 10.925 at 134 mph. M.A.D. ! How was that even possible?

Incidentally, I ensured that I heard Adrian’s take on being battered by a M.A.D. machine. He was not pleased.


Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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