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Based on the fact that we are never early for the events – unless we are competing and then, unfortunately, we are not reporting – we may miss a few important occurrences. These were noteworthy moments at Full Throttle 4 – Bryn Morgan scorched a 7.923 run. Orville Williams thundered to an 8.334 pass. Rory Smith and Dean Shaw scampered to 9.31 and 9.33 respectively. Omar Evering in a buoyant Pulsar sped to 9.49.

Remember the black Subaru? The hype Subaru? Yes, that one. Well, it employed brute force and earned a spot in the 11 seconds finals. The route he took, I cannot recall, but, Mr. Oliver Villiers was also promoted to contest the 11 seconds finals.


The machines appeared for the 11 seconds finals. The Subaru, as usual emitting a potent blend of the boxer’s quasi V8 rumble, aided by indecisive and disruptive cams. Mr Villiers, however, is a seasoned campaigner, but, he has had several occasions where he fell just short and the fact that his Honda Integra was facing a proven rocket from Subaru’s all wheel drive battalion, JustBet was not in his corner for the bout.

Mr Villiers did not seem perturbed though and amidst the rowdy, raucous, jubilant and supporting voices which were all audible, as fans engaged in pre-race banter, the significance of the encounter rose to the fore. It was one of those iconic moments that words cannot convey. You simply had to be there.

Oliver ‘Spoon’ Villiers vs Leighton ‘Bean’ Newland. Honda Integra vs Subaru WRX. In an earlier round, ‘Bean’ dismantled an Integra. Was a repeat on the cards? Vernamfield paused.

I cannot recall who staged first. No, I can. ‘Spoon’ staged first and sat. ‘Bean’ did the creep dance. Chances are he was outfoxed. ‘Spoon’ was staged, loaded, locked and ready. This is spontaneous combustion territory now!

‘Bean’ staged – everything else was lost in in an intricate plot of deception and screaming Vernamfield fans. Which green light? I do not think ‘Spoon’ saw the green light. I do not think ‘Bean’ had time to react to the green light.

‘Bean’ staged and ‘Spoon’ was gone! The Honda left on all the fours that it did not have. The tuner’s magic fled the machine’s ecu. The commands were dispersed without delay. The fruits from the codes labour were dumped into the robust cylinders and fury materialised!

‘Bean’ and the hapless, grief-stricken Subaru were apparently in limp mode! Bad gas? Another case for forensic examination. The all wheel drive machine was slayed at the point where it should not have been unbeatable! Slayed by a front wheel drive Honda!

Their was no merciful moment thrown ‘Bean’s’ way by ‘Spoon’. ‘Spoon’s’ mission was win or nothing and the Integra, a student of extreme intellect, responded appropriately to the tutor. ‘Spoon’ 11.20 @ 132 mph! ‘Bean’ was last seen searching for the pieces of his pride.

As I indicated earlier, the status quo was thrown out the window along the East-West toll. Bring your A-game or defeat will be your companion.

Full Throttle 4 was a visible reminder that drag racers and the fans who support the discipline are committed to that which delivers a relentless flow of pleasurable moments. The fact that a  massive rain-bearing cloud took a seat above the strip only increased the drama. Delays were not entertained – announcer Audley knew no patience when warrants were issued for the various classes (called to the line). A very brief, light drizzle flung uncertainty into the mix, but that swayed nothing!

It was advertised as such and on November 19 if it was on the 1320, the machines endured nothing but Full Throttle! If you missed it, you are a lucky bastard. Guess what? Full Throttle 5 is next and TEST and TUNE is this Sunday!

Rory Smith’s Supra? MACHINE!

What will Full Throttle 5 deliver? Will Dean Shaw crack the 7 seconds barrier? Will Adrian bounce back? Bean has found his pride? All this and more at Full Throttle 5! But it begins with TEST and TUNE – this Sunday!

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