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It is billed as the Final Showdown and it is! The 2017 drag racing season is rapidly approaching the finish line. Competitors and their speed-insane fans are also aware.

So, all the 1320 disputes which arose at the previous events, will feature prominently on Sunday (the 17th). At Full Throttle 4, as I stated in an earlier blog, the status quo was ripped to shreds!

Some seasoned drag racers and their oh-so-fast machines were left choking on defeat’s exhaust. But, the NDRC, being the noble fortress of speed that it is, has unfurled compassion’s flag.

The opportunity for these bruised racers to claim lost pride and collect cash while doing so will be available on Sunday. Should they thank the NDRC? LOL!

We are grateful, that in this the season to be jolly, we are all invited to the buffet of speed that will adorn the 1320 on Sunday.

And if what we know about Jamaicans remains true – we live for competition – each racer will ensure that every 10 nut and bolt will be enhanced to ensure that when the fat lady sings, his/her name will be called to collect the victor’s prize.

If Full Throttle 5 grabbed the baton from Full Throttle 4, a scintillating treat like no other awaits the fans.

How will Orville’s machine perform? 7s?

Calling Adrian Randle!! Battered, I know, but- is he available for redemption?

Rory Smith! Is he ready to dropkick The Real Hogg?

Did i hear, or was it a figment of my imagination? The Red Donkey will be at church ( Vernam) on Sunday?

Dean Shaw! Are you ready for the Donkey’s arrival?

This is sage advice. Do not miss The Final Showdown! I do not know Adele but Rumor Has It that Full Throttle 5 is The Final Showdown!

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