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A lot has happened. Optimists and pessimists will disagree and they will argue ceaselessly whether the glass is half empty or half full. Me, I will settle with the obvious fact – there is something in the glass! LOL!

We are in a season which our cultural and other traditions welcome and I will not deviate from the norms of my beloved society. Embrace your family, extend yourself if necessary and commit to this at all times – SHOW LOVE.

Orville Higgins is m.i.a. from the Sports Desk. With nothing but respect for all the parties concerned, his shoes (Orville’s) are rather huge.

Ian Boyne relocated to occupy his suite at the celestial resort. I sincerely hope that they are prepared for his arrival – Religious Hard Talk – The Heaven Edition!

Did not know the gentlemen personally, but he pervaded our existence. His footprint on the Jamaican landscape – indelible.


The NDRC’s final hooray for 2107 – Full Throttle 5 – met the ‘tree’ on Sunday (17th). It was labelled The Final Showdown. It was not the NDRC’s finest moment. More to come.

Drag racing is a feat that rewards promiscuous speed. In this arena, the tortoise will never defeat the hare. But ingenuity can mask one’s true ability. And what appears, at first to be an innocuous prey, may actually be a rampaging predator.

This is a test. When the list of machines is presented, before the race, select the winner.


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