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Is it true that Jamaica has more churches per square mile than any other place on our revered planet? The facts I do not have, but I am certain that ‘the rock’ has more than its fair share of churches.

As we pause to acknowledge Christmas and its inherent meaning, we silently recognize, that as humans, we have fallen short, but, we continue to request forgiveness and seek guidance to correct our wayward ways moving forward. This is a make Miss Millicent proud moment! LOL.

Our business is motorsports and apparently machines bred for speed are equipped with self-imposed blinkers. As such they maintain no interest in events or occasions which require a complete shutdown of the industrious approach. So, even when production embraces a holiday, some bloke is sitting somewhere trying to figure out how he is going to breed 100 more horses out of his anemic 1500cc motor!


The machines, which will be revealed shortly, belong to individuals who were upset with that which the factory provided. They were on the verge of rebellion. But ingenuity intervened – projects were conceived and delivered.

Concepts came to life, dreams became reality and the physical interpretation of modern chariots of speed materialized. Incidentally, the machines wear the badge that many hot hatches aspire to be – Honda!

Choose the winner at the end of the interviews with each owner/driver.


Did you choose a winner? Did your machine win the race?

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! It all began at a rather special place – 10 Orchid Drive. ODC – Hailings!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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