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Nothing signals the beginning of a new day like the rising sun. If you are observant you would have noticed that, weather or other natural occurrences excluded, each day is eerily similar to the day before.

I will admit that age and time have an unyielding propensity to alter the views that we retain, but truth be told, we whip ourselves into a frenzy to recognise that which we assign to different days.

Advice that will not be heeded – try and stay true to all the principles which will make you a better human being. If you have lost your motto or never had one, adopt the one that was dispersed from the sermon on the mount – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Full Throttle 5, like a true thoroughbred raced quickly to the heels of Full Throttle 4. Nature’s wet offering forced the NDRC’s hand for FT 4. The rescheduled program meant that FT5 appeared with a 75 shot of nitrous – rather undue haste!

A lot is required to successfully execute an event. Well oiled machines are usually prepared for the rigors assigned to their tasks, but at times even the best – St Leo in London – will come up short.


Readers of these pages will know that the NDRC is held in high regard, but, as it is for mere mortals, infallibility is an unattainable domain. FT5 was not particularly kind to the NDRC.

Fashionably late is an outfit we wear with pride, so the GTS-T rolling amidst the soil and stones which occupy the trail leading to the holy concrete at Vernamfield after 2pm, would raise no eyebrows.

The drivers meeting which was in progress was an unwelcome indicator.

Eliminations for the various classes began sometime after. Hunger threatened so I made myself a nuisance at the Maggi tent. My needs were promptly met. Minutes later, like a leech, I attached myself to NRDC’s ‘control tower’ (the bus on the track a few meters from the ‘tree’).

In a bid to end the drag racing year on a speed-laced high, the drivers and the machines, like a laden jail, were taking no prisoners! I was perturbed, troubled and distracted though because a significant, breaking news-moment wreaked havoc at Vernamfield.

It was an incident which wore robes of epic proportions. It was historic. It was monumental and extensive investigations revealed that profound implications would apply .

What was the event?

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