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Samoa and other places have already welcomed 2018. You have never heard of Samoa? As we welcome 2018, I will avoid the temptation to be both philosophical and profound. I will be succinct. My message remains the same – SHOW LOVE!

I am convinced that Jamaica is the Dubai of the Caribbean. Do you see the machines which idle on our streets daily? And with ATL injecting delectable, Unbeatable machines into our contagious culture – BMW Ms and Porsche – we are definitely riding speed’s thrilling wave.

Slithering along the Mandela moments ago, I saw Ford’s Raptor attempting the impossible, trying to blend in. But, it stood out like a white tuxedo at an all black affair! It was actually white, splashed with some appealing graphics.

Incidentally, in my favorite car magazine, I met the second generation of Ford’s Raptor. It packs a punch that would make Iron Mike Tyson cower with palpable fear! Why? Read and cheer! A 3497 cc, twin-turbocharged V6, racing with 450 Arabian horses and rocking NASA’s arsenal of terrain-defeat goodies which together can transform a climb to Everest’s summit into a trot on a dry lake bed! Can I click Add to Cart?

But, if you really want to see savory machines, Vernamfield on a day when the NDRC’s soiree is in full swing, will be an unforgettable event. Choose any Japanese performance icon and I can assure you it will be present – with friends!


FT 5 was no different, I am being reminded of the Lueboyz’ R35 predator, sitting on its massive slicks, poised for an imminent attack. Machine!

As stated earlier, an event which ricocheted though local drag racing halls, was vying for the Most Significant Occurrence title. I was no witness, but my journalistic acumen led to relevant findings.

At some time during the course of the day – Sunday, Dec 17th -  someone came, jumped into a VW ( Golf?), approached the ‘tree’ and unencumbered by GCT, rapidly ripped off a 12 second pass. That, in and of itself was not the most stellar achievement fans have seen at Vernamfield. I agree.

But, when it was revealed that that the 12 seconds e.t. was driven by a representative from the fairer sex, tongues went wagging! Is this the beginning of the end for male domination in drag racing? Are males now at risk at the drag strip? Answers might appear in 2018.

For now, the 12 seconds pass is the fastest e.t. recorded by a female at Vernamfield or at any other drag racing facility in Jamaica. She was not finished though. The pain intensified.

In another act, she rubbed the salt in the wound to further emphasize the yawning gap between males and females – no ego present – lol! She chose not to remain a part of the proceedings. She sped to the e.t. Stunned both the ‘tree’ and everyone present and then, like Cinderella, she disappeared!

Have you seen her?

Oniel ‘Little T’ Henry was getting ready to destroy Squaddie!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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