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Full Throttle 5, based on the rapid-fire bursts which were unapologetically audible on the 1320 at Vernamfield on Dec 17, was poised to be the riveting cliffhanger we all anticipated. There were noteworthy displays of awesome speed and there was a palpable crescendo of euphoric excitement when the Gods of Horspower -10 seconds and quicker machines – inched towards the line.

Several monster-machines came out to play. Monster University was in full effect!


Adrian Randle did not have a memorable event at FT4. In fact, FT4 was an event which Adrian, I am certain, would erase if he had access to such a facility. At FT5 Adrian extracted a page from the Boys Scouts Handbook – he was prepared!

Adrian brought an AR 15 to the knife party – the subtle red TRUCKSTOP Supra! Motorsports can be heartless though and it has a propensity to intervene and capsize the best laid plans. During the elimination round, Adrian brought the Supra to the line.

When allowed to, he unleashed its rampaging ferocity. Its raucous notes plunged through the savanna-type vegetation at Vernamfield. A JZ on full boil is soulful music.

The Supra, burdened by Adrian’s insistence to¬† distance himself from the wounds inflicted at FT4, delivered. The machine sped to 9.079 seconds at 153.06 mph! But pressure and pipes have a fatal relationship. The machine succumbed to the volatility of its combustive blend. The Supra went expensive bang at the top of the track – flung a rod, I was told!

Jamaicans say – use sleep mark death. Three gorgeous Supras were basking in Clarendon’s air space on Dec 17. They all had one purpose – slay the minnows! Adrian mined an impressive time but the machine was sacrificed in the process.


Rory Smith is definitely a driver to watch. He is the pilot of the white fighter jet – Supra. Xavia Murray’s 4 shooter, n/a demon was steering down the barrel of Rory Smith’s six shooter, forced-fed, hurricane-enhanced JZ. No one wanted to be Xavia Murray!

The ‘tree’ authorised battle when GREEN appeared. Both machines leapt from the line without delay and went searching for glory. Xavia did his best to keep the JZ honest and Rory maintained a no nonsense stance. We did not ask for it, but it happened.

Rear wheel drive machines when prodded with insane horsepower are not the most docile creatures. They bite. They bite with an unforeseen, immediate violence which can transform ‘balls’ of steel to almond milk! Somewhere close to mid track the Supra protested. It rebelled vehemently and snapped suddenly to the right.

We froze. Surprise was audible. Fear was within reach. But, as soon as we exclaimed, driver input manufactured an abrupt swing to the left, a quick alignment dance, machine steadied and punished with petrol for its insolence!

Rory Smith’s sublime skills were on show and he revealed, without flinching, that you can tame a JZ! Despite being disqualified for departing from his lane (he touched the line) Rory Smith drove the save of the day! Big Up Rory Smith!

Two Supras down. One to go! The Real Hogg!

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