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The 2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso is an affront to the philosophy which conceived and delivered electric and autonomous vehicles. At a time when ccs are on a ridiculous diet, the machine boasts a DOHC 48-valve 6.3 liter V-12.

In the horsepower department, Caymanas Park respectfully declined the challenge – 680 hp @ 8000 rpm, capable of 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and can slap the Autobahn with 208 MPH! Machine! Just thought you should know!

I can recall speaking to Xavia Murray. He indicated that he was taking a break from drag racing. He told me stories of his experience in Texas, drooling over F1 machines. I listened and I understood.

There is a word which individuals who engage in motorsports are usually oblivious to. And truth be told like Stephen King, it delivers a thriller! The word is endorphins.

Motorsports and immeasurable pleasure are conjoined twins – inseparable. The bond maintains a potent cocktail, which try as we might, divorce is never a feasible proposition.


Xavia Murray was actually absent – briefly – but like an artist’s sketch, he was drawn to that which he was addicted. Like VTEC the endorphins kicked in and the 1320 felt his wrath yet again.

At FT5, the M.A.D. boss dispensed John Wick’s version of justice. It was early. Before midday. December 17. I received a Whatsapp message. In a few words it conveyed that Xavia Murray’s n/a machine stopped the clock at 9.xx seconds. Expected.

I stood next to NDRC’s control tower (the bus). The heavyweights were summoned. Xavia’s 10 seconds boost machine was at the line. With Xavia Murray we have been programmed to expect vintage performance, but he has an uncanny demeanor. Expected the unexpected.

Pre-race routine. Xavia’s loyal assistant released the unique liquid-blend. Surgically tuned Honda mayhem was applied in the burnout box. The slicks survived their torture test and the machine posed for the ‘tree’.

Vernamfield observed keenly. The ‘tree’ shed its leaves – GREEN! The machine came alive!Like an arrow from Neytiri’s bow (Avatar), the machine’s speed was clean, true and remained steadfast in its pursuit of that which it deserved. The frightened clock stopped. The M.A.D camp grabbed the front wheel drive record!

We have a habit of ignoring the achievements of individuals until the creator requests their presence. What do you know about one of the most powerful, yet indestructible LS motors that mutilated all-comers at Dover Raceway. Teddy Burton. Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg’s EG. Dean Corrodus’ EK9. Ackeel Shorter. Countless sprint, circuit and drag racing machines all endured the M.A.Dness!

Words, we may hurl aimlessly at times, but hard work and true grit cannot be hidden. Say what you will about Xavia Murray, but, at FT5 he reminded Vernamfield why he is revered as a Honda tuner, engine builder and race car driver. Reality, at times is a difficult pill to swallow. Mandeville, we know the truth. Step up!

Adrian Randle tossed the machine that failed him at FT4 – the Evo. He brought the Jericho (IRONMAN) – 2JZ! The plot thickens. The Supras are next!

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