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Christmas 2017 is now a rapidly receding memory, but, tantalizing moments await in 2018. We, however, are proactive and will not be burdened by the downtime that inactivity across various disciplines dictates.

We are petrolheads and when there is no fire in the combustion chamber we will generate our own ignition. And on that note I will seek to address a specific concern. Individuals who do not own or have never had the soul-shifting opportunity of pouncing on an AE86′s go-pedal are often times befuddled by the cult status which the machine enjoys.

As I have often said on these pages and elsewhere, words, at times, are not the best advocates of a lucid view. They have a costume party’s habit of masking the pleasurable truth. But weep no more, videos are here!

Why AE86?

Grab a headset, immerse yourself in the experience and do not fight your desire to join the ranks of the converted!


No e-brake. Low on horsepower, but high on that which matters most – FUN!

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