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Lil Wayne….. Big Bad Wolf…… The game capsized!

If a laceration appears on your forearm would AMSOIL, boosted by the NASA-contrived pump which upgraded your anemic heart, gush from the ruptured segment? Are you carbon monoxide resistant?

You might not have the correct answers, but, at the end of this exercise we will have, in our possession, irrefutable proof that you are a PETROLHEAD! Or not! Lol (click below).


Honesty is the only cardinal rule that applies here. How did you feel while you were watching the video. Were befuddled. Were you at a loss. Were you trying to make sense of what you were watching?

Or. Were you in a trance? Were you trapped like a rivet in metal? Were you wrestling with obese, frenetic emotions? Were you trying to ascertain why your luck departed which would account for you being at a mundane location thus ensuring that you were not present at  Daytona – the scene of gross injustice!

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