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Strange but true. A Porsche sniper was asked – What did you do before your first factory drive at age 24? Even if you knew the man’s history better than he did, his response would still evoke a startled countenance.

What was the maestro’s response? “I was working for the Catholic church, in the administration of farmland. I drove a big Mercedes, a diesel. It was slow, but taught me to look far ahead and not to brake, so I could carry speed. It was a good school for me”. The words of the legend – Walter Rohrl.

Competition pushes the envelope all the way to the nearest Post Office! Thanks to robust rivalries, car-nuts have a plethora of insane machines at their bank book’s disposal. Fortunately, the Americans have conceived a system which allows Joe the Plumber to access that which was only formerly available to the Bill Gates’ of the world.

This is a rather rapid track-rat!


Is it too late to steal the driver’s job? Evidently, the driver retained zero emotional attachment and displayed the requisite level of callousness as he surgically strangled the revolting beast!

Is this machine on your Track-Car wish list?

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