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If you are a fan of machines which can incinerate a circuit in order to stop the clock in its tracks, time attack is your cup of manish water!

Japan is arguably the seat of time attack and the circuit which needs on introduction re this discipline is TSUKUBA. I can recall videos of machines being pushed relentlessy, utilizing any fuel available to attain a sub 1 minute time. In this the year 2018, technology and myriad developments in chasing speed have resulted in a sub 50 seconds pass being the new target!

Purists do not rest and the tuning shops which claim superiority go to the nth degree to ensure that their brand is front and center in the race to be the quickest around the iconic circuit. HKS is a monster in time attack and in this new machine, are we seeing the new king of Tsukuba?


What do you think about this machine? Is it HKS-worthy?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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